Axis, 5502-451, CS Mount Fixed Focal Lens 1.7 mm


    • Patented Linear Optical Technology enables no barrel distortion for maximum resolution
    • Wide horizontal field of view provides greater security
    • Megapixel lens
    • IR corrected for Day/Night cameras
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Axis 5502-451 CS Mount Fixed Focal Lens 1.7mm

This Axis 5502-451 CS Mount Fixed Focal Lens 1.7mm offers exceptional image quality and a wide field of view. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor surveillance, thanks to its dust and water resistance. The lens boasts an aperture of F1.7 and a focal length of 1.7mm, allowing for clear and detailed images with minimal distortion. It also features a CS mount and is compatible with most cameras.


  • Aperture of F1.7
  • Focal length of 1.7mm
  • Wide field of view
  • Dust and water resistance
  • Compatible with most cameras

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