Axis 5505-461 T90B30 IR LED Illuminator (Black)


    • Highly flexible, interchangeable lenses
    • IR and White LED models
    • Fine tuning from ground level with remote control
    • Evenly illuminated scene
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Axis 5505-461 T90B30 IR LED Illuminator (Black)

The Axis 5505-461 T90B30 IR LED Illuminator (Black) is a powerful and efficient tool for providing accurate night vision for security systems and cameras. This illuminator is designed with a high-powered IR LED array that provides coverage of up to 100 feet. It is also IP67 rated, providing excellent protection against dust and water, and is compatible with most Axis camera models. This illuminator is perfect for any security system that requires high-quality night vision.


  • High-powered IR LED array
  • Coverage of up to 100 ft
  • IP67 rated for dust and water protection
  • Compatible with most Axis camera models

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