Axis 5507-461 T91B51 Ceiling Mount


    • Outdoors and indoors
    • Robust and safe installation
    • Support for Axis PTZ domes and fixed domes with 1.5” NPS thread
    • Flexible length, up to 5 m (197 in) with extension pipes
    • Swivel action with a ±45° pivot angle
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Axis 5507-461 T91B51 Ceiling Mount

This Axis 5507-461 T91B51 Ceiling Mount is the perfect solution for a sturdy and reliable ceiling-mounted camera. This mount is designed to hold cameras weighing up to 5kg and is adjustable to fit different ceiling heights. It also features a pan and tilt unit so you can get the perfect angle for any room.


  • Supports cameras up to 5kg
  • Adjustable to fit different ceiling heights
  • Pan and tilt unit to get the perfect angle

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