Axis 5800-801 Varifocal IR-corrected Lens with P-Iris


    • Suitable for color and day/night cameras
    • Telephoto, 12.5-50 mm lenses
    • IR-corrected lenses
    • DC-iris and P-Iris
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AXIS 5800-801 Varifocal IR-corrected Lens

The Axis 5800-801 Varifocal IR-corrected Lens is designed to deliver superior image quality in any lighting conditions. This lens features P-Iris technology to ensure maximum clarity and brightness, as well as a varifocal design that allows for easy zooming and focus adjustments. With its rugged construction and built-in IR-correction, this lens will provide crisp and accurate images, even in low-light environments.


  • Varifocal design for easy zooming and focus adjustments
  • P-Iris technology for maximum clarity and brightness
  • Built-in IR-correction for accurate images in low-light environments
  • Rugged construction for lasting durability

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