Axis 5801-671 A8004-VE Accessibility Kit


    • Accessibility Kit is an easy way to improve access to your building and comply with regulations on barrier-free accessibility
    • Designed as a new front plate that mounts on and connects directly any AXIS A8004-E Network Video Door Station


Axis A8004-VE Accessibility Kit

The Axis A8004-VE Accessibility Kit is the perfect solution for providing access to a variety of electronic devices. This kit includes a variety of components that provide access to computers, tablets, and other electronic devices. The kit features a 5801-671 switch, a universal remote, and a variety of other accessories that ensure a seamless and easy experience.


  • 5801-671 switch
  • Universal remote
  • A variety of other accessories
  • Provides access to computers, tablets, and other electronic devices
  • Seamless and easy experience

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs