Axis 5901-101 Standard Lens for Axis Q1615 MkII with Remote Zoom Based on the New Standard i-CS


    • Intelligent, varifocal i-CS lens 2.8-8.5 mm with IR-correction
    • For use on cameras with support for i-CS lenses
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Axis 5901-101 Standard Lens

The Axis 5901-101 Standard Lens is a perfect companion for the Axis Q1615 MkII camera. This lens is equipped with a remote zoom feature based on the new i-CS standard, allowing for a wide range of zoom capabilities. With its superb image quality, this lens is perfect for capturing detailed images in any lighting condition.


  • Remote zoom based on the new i-CS standard
  • High-quality image capture in any lighting condition
  • Wide range of zoom capabilities
  • Compatible with the Axis Q1615 MkII camera

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