Bosch ¼ Wave Super Flex Antenna 556‑636 MHz, Yellow, AN-SFLEX-YEL


    • 1/4 wave super flex antennas 556 – 636 MHz (Yellow) for CSB-1000, WT-1000, REV-BP and REV-WT


Bosch ¼ Wave Super Flex Antenna 556-636 MHz, Yellow

The Bosch ¼ Wave Super Flex Antenna 556-636 MHz, Yellow, AN-SFLEX-YEL is a durable and versatile antenna designed for outdoor applications. It is built with a robust housing, making it perfect for all weather conditions. The antenna is designed for both horizontal and vertical polarisations, ensuring maximum signal reception and transmission. The antenna is also highly directional, allowing it to be used in tight spaces and with minimal interference.


  • Durable housing for outdoor applications
  • Horizontal and vertical polarisation capabilities
  • Highly directional for minimal interference
  • Robust design for all weather conditions

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