Bosch EBK-M10-3PACK Forged Eyebolt kit, Set of 3


    • Forged eyebolt kit M10 consists of a set of 3 eyebolts
    • Used for securing suspension of PX2122, PX2152 and the ETX-35P loudspeakers
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Bosch EBK-M10-3PACK Forged Eyebolt Kit

This Bosch EBK-M10-3PACK Forged Eyebolt kit is a great choice for any project requiring secure, reliable fastenings. The forged eyebolt kit includes three high-strength, zinc-plated steel eyebolts with a 10mm diameter thread and a maximum load of 1140lbs.


  • Set of three high-strength, zinc-plated steel eyebolts
  • 10mm diameter thread
  • Maximum load of 1140lbs
  • Ideal for safety-critical applications

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Weight 0.9 lbs