Bosch Integrus transmitter for 8 Languages, INT-TX08-US


    • Can distribute a maximum of 8 audio channels
    • Can be used with DCN Next Generation, or analogue systems like the CCS 900
    • Flexible configuration of channels and channel quality modes for efficient distribution
    • Configuration of transmitter and system via a display and one single rotary push button


Bosch Integrus Transmitter for 8 Languages

The Bosch INT-TX08-US Integrus Transmitter is a versatile and reliable device for transmitting audio in up to 8 different languages. It supports multiple inputs, allowing for easy switching between sources. This transmitter is perfect for multi-language broadcasts and presentations, providing clear sound in any language.


  • Transmits audio in up to 8 languages
  • Supports multiple inputs
  • Easy switching between sources
  • Provides clear sound in any language

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs