Bosch LBB3443-10 Lightweight Stereo Headphones with Durable Cable


    • Lightweight with high quality sound reproduction
    • Replaceable ear pads
    • Available with durable cable
    • Separate available solid washable ear pads
    • Right‑angled gold‑plated jack plug
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Bosch LBB3443-10 Lightweight Stereo Headphones

Enjoy a comfortable and immersive listening experience with the Bosch LBB3443-10 lightweight stereo headphones. Featuring a durable cable design, these headphones offer extended reliability and sound quality, even with regular use. The adjustable headband and soft, cushioned ear cups ensure that you’ll be comfortable while listening to your favorite music, podcasts, or audio books.


  • Lightweight, durable design
  • High-quality sound reproduction
  • Adjustable headband and soft ear cups
  • Compatible with most audio devices

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