Bosch LC4-CBB ABS Back Box for LC4 Series Loudspeakers


    • Back‑box protects the rear of the loudspeaker from dust, falling objects, makes the unit vermin proof
    • Back‑box is assembled with the loudspeaker by means of a snap‑in construction and has knock‑out holes for two grommets (11.5 mm) and for two cable glands (20.5 mm) aside and on the top
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Bosch LC4-CBB ABS Back Box

This Bosch LC4-CBB ABS Back Box is a perfect addition to the LC4 Series Loudspeakers. It is designed to provide extra protection and durability for the speakers. With its ABS material, it is highly resistant to dust, water and vibration, ensuring that your speakers are safe and secure. The box also features air vents to ensure proper air circulation to the speakers.


  • ABS material for extra protection and durability
  • Highly resistant to dust, water, and vibration
  • Air vents for proper air circulation to the speakers
  • Easy to install

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