Bosch LMS-325 5W Modular Amplified Loudspeaker


    • Ideal for monitoring applications in a studio or installation environment
    • Compact chassis fits into a standard 1RU rack space with the aid of optional mounting brackets, which are available separately
    • Speaker has a standard configuration and boasts a 5W power amplifier to provide plenty of volume with low distortion
    • Speaker has dual channel inputs and is locally powered for convenient operation
    • Speaker is magnetically shielded for safe use near video monitors and other electronic devices
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Bosch LMS-325 5W Modular Amplified Loudspeaker

The Bosch LMS-325 5W Modular Amplified Loudspeaker is designed to deliver high-quality sound in a wide range of applications. With a maximum output of 5W and an easy-to-use modular design, this speaker is perfect for sound reinforcement, monitoring, and other audio applications. It features a two-way design with a tweeter and woofer, providing powerful sound reproduction and a wide frequency response. The design also ensures low noise levels, making it ideal for background music or speech.


  • 5W maximum output
  • Modular design for easy installation
  • Two-way design with tweeter and woofer
  • Wide frequency response
  • Low noise levels

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Weight 4.2 lbs