Bosch Microphone Shock Mount, CPSM


    • Virtually eliminates mechanically transmitted noise from the mounting surface
    • More than 15 dB of mechanical shock isolation at 200 Hz
    • Provides theft-resistant mounting of CP212, RE90P12, RE90P18 and CP218 microphones
    • Mounts in panels up to 1.5 inches thick


Bosch Microphone Shock Mount

The Bosch Microphone Shock Mount, CPSM is designed to reduce vibration and shock in microphones securing them to a microphone stand. With its robust construction and superior design, the CPSM ensures the microphone remains stable and secure on the stand.


  • Reduces vibration and shock
  • Robust construction
  • Superior design
  • Stable and secure on stand

Additional information

Weight 0.22 lbs