Bosch MRT327-A4F 2 Channel User Station, A4F Headset Jack


    • MRT327-A4F can send and receive 20kHz call signals
    • MIC on/off switch can be used as a momentary push-to-talk switch or as a latching on/off switch
    • MRT327-A4F can receive 24kHz talk-off (mic kill) signals for deactivation of the MRT327-A4F microphone from a remote location
    • The microphone pre-amplifier circuit contains a limiter which helps to equalize output for different voice levels
    • MRT327-A4F receives operating power from the intercom line
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Bosch MRT327-A4F 2 Channel User Station

The Bosch MRT327-A4F 2 Channel User Station is a reliable and easy to use headset jack for two-way communication. This unit features an adjustable volume control, an easy to access mute switch, and a noise-canceling system that ensures crystal clear conversations. With its robust construction and advanced technology, the Bosch MRT327-A4F 2 Channel User Station is the perfect communication solution for any business.


  • Adjustable volume control
  • Easy to access mute switch
  • Noise canceling system
  • Robust construction
  • Advanced technology

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Weight 2.76 lbs