Bosch PA430 Commercial Sound Paging Projectors


    • 30-watt constant-directivity paging projectors for use in any public address or paging application
    • Drivers employ rugged phenolic diaphragms, 1.5 inch diameter voice coils and “rim cantered” ferrite magnet structures
    • A 12 inch connecting cable, color coded for phase, is provided for connecting
    • A nominal 60° horizontal by 40° vertical coverage pattern together with a low-frequency cut-off of 350 Hz provides excellent articulation in demanding applications
    • It is molded from high-impact ultraviolet-inhibiting acrylic-styrene-acrylonitrile (ASA)
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Bosch Commercial Sound Paging Projector

The Bosch PA430 Commercial Sound Paging Projector is an easy-to-use audio system for large spaces. With its advanced technology and cutting-edge sound projection capabilities, the PA430 provides an efficient and effective solution for businesses, schools, and other organizations who need to deliver clear sound messages to large areas.


  • Highly efficient directable sound projection
  • Integrated amplifier with four-channel input
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive controls
  • Wide range of audio sources supported
  • Low-maintenance, long-lasting design

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