Bosch PC-DESKTOP-5 Mulit-Pattern Desktop Microphone with Automatic Mixer Logic


    • RF Shield provides superior RFI/GSM shielding
    • Consistent microphone voicing across all four patterns
    • Switch can be programmed to operate as either latching on/off or momentary push-to-mute/push-to-talk
    • Disassembly of the mic isn’t required to change switch functions
    • Compatible with echo cancellation for conference applications
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Bosch PC-DESKTOP-5 Desktop Microphone

The Bosch PC-DESKTOP-5 Desktop Microphone with Automatic Mixer Logic is a professional-grade microphone designed for desktop and studio use. With its multi-pattern capability and automatic mixer logic, this microphone is perfect for recording and streaming audio with unparalleled accuracy and clarity. The microphone also features an intuitive user interface, allowing you to easily adjust settings and fine-tune your sound.


  • Multi-pattern capability
  • Automatic mixer logic
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Ideal for recording and streaming audio
  • Superb accuracy and clarity

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