Bosch RPK-810-B Rough-In Package for C8.2HC and C10.1 Speakers, 2 Pack


    • Speaker Pre-Construction Mounts
    • Speaker Wall/Ceiling Bracket
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Bosch RPK-810-B Rough-In Package

The Bosch RPK-810-B Rough-In Package is the perfect solution for C8.2HC and C10.1 speaker installations. This two pack package includes the essential components for easy installation, such as the acoustic baffle, the grille, and the backcan. This package ensures a secure and aesthetically pleasing installation for your speakers.


  • Compatible with the C8.2HC and C10.1 speakers
  • Includes acoustic baffle, grille, and backcan
  • Provides secure and aesthetically pleasing installation

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Weight 2.9 lbs