Bosch SMP-2-I Sound Mate Wireless Portable Personal Monitoring System, Channel I


    • Portable wireless personal monitoring/assistive listening system for churches, museum tours, conferencing, and educational applications
    • 300′ operating range
    • Single channel, fixed frequency operation for receivers, 17 selectable frequencies available for transmitter
    • Backlit LCD for transmitter
    • E.D.R.(Enhanced Dynamic Range)compander circuitry for transmitter; clearer, more consistent output
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Bosch SMP-2-I Wireless Portable Personal Monitoring System

The Bosch SMP-2-I Wireless Portable Personal Monitoring System is the perfect solution for musicians who want to hear their sound accurately and clearly. The system features top-of-the-line wireless technology, allowing you to have full control of your sound. The system is lightweight and ergonomically designed, making it easy to set up and transport. With the Bosch SMP-2-I, you can enjoy crystal clear sound wherever you go.


  • Wireless technology for maximum control and convenience
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed for easy setup and transport
  • Exceptional sound quality for accurate playback
  • Compact size for easy storage

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Weight 10.15 lbs