Bosch SPK300L-DL-A4F 2-Channel Speaker Station with A4F Headset Connector


    • Channel select switch
    • Comes with a handheld microphone
    • Speaker on/off switch and volume control
    • Rugged all-metal housing perfect for desktop operation
    • “Public” listen box via built in speaker or privately through the headset connection
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Bosch SPK300L-DL-A4F 2-Channel Speaker Station

The Bosch SPK300L-DL-A4F 2-Channel Speaker Station is a professional-grade audio solution designed to provide superior sound quality in any environment. Its A4F headset connector allows you to easily connect a headset and microphone, enabling you to make and take calls with ease. With its two channels and built-in noise cancelation, the Bosch SPK300L-DL-A4F ensures crystal clear audio for both incoming and outgoing calls.


  • A4F headset connector for easy headset and microphone connection
  • Two-channel audio for superior sound quality
  • Built-in noise cancelation for clearer audio
  • Compatible with any audio device

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Weight 3.5 lbs