Bosch SSA324-#U Two to Four Wire Converter Interface for Intercom Systems


    • Intercom system-to-system adapter interconnects the voice signals from different intercom systems
    • Each unit contains a pair of 2-wire to 4-wire converters
    • When used as a dual 2- to 4-wire interface the unit will carry 2 voice channels, or a single channel if functioning as a 2-wire to 2-wire interface if re-wired at the 4-wire level
    • Unit offers monitoring and channel selection options, and bilateral ducking
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Bosch SSA324-#U Intercom System Interface Converter

The Bosch SSA324-#U Two to Four Wire Converter Interface is a versatile solution for many intercom systems. This device allows two-wire systems to be easily converted to four-wire systems without the need for complicated wiring or costly hardware. The device offers simple installation and setup, providing reliable performance for any intercom system.


  • Compact design for easy installation
  • Converts two-wire systems to four-wire systems
  • Simple setup and operation
  • Reliable performance for any intercom system

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