Bosch Wall/Ceiling U-Bracket Kit for Sb122, Sb122PI, Sx100 and Sx300, White, MB200W


    • Versatile design allows the speaker to be aimed at any angle from wall or ceiling
    • Provides a rigid frame for flying one or two speakers
    • Creates arrays of two to six speakers when used with the Mb300 Horizontal Array Kit
    • May be used in conjunction with OmniMount Series 100 support system
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Bosch Wall/Ceiling U-Bracket Kit

The Bosch Wall/Ceiling U-Bracket Kit is designed for use with Sb122, Sb122PI, Sx100 and Sx300 speakers. This white MB200W bracket is ideal for quick and easy mounting of your speakers, and ensures they are securely held in place.


  • Designed for Sb122, Sb122PI, Sx100 and Sx300 speakers
  • White MB200W bracket
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Secure mounting

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Weight 9 lbs