Bosch ZLX-15-CVR ZLX Padded Cover for ZLX-15 Two-Way Passive Loudspeaker, Black


    • Features an embroidered white logo and a black hook-and-loop fastener
    • Holds ZLX-15 Loudspeaker
    • Handle Access Openings
    • Exterior Slip-In Accessory Pocket


Bosch ZLX Padded Cover

The Bosch ZLX Padded Cover is designed to protect your ZLX-15 Two-Way Passive Loudspeaker from dirt and dust. The cover is made of durable black material with thick padding for excellent protection. It has an adjustable strap for easy installation, and the cover also has a handle for easy carrying.


  • Designed to fit ZLX-15 Two-Way Passive Loudspeaker
  • Made of durable black material
  • Thick padding for excellent protection
  • Adjustable strap for easy installation
  • Handle for easy carrying

Additional information

Weight 1.4 lbs