PELCO DF5CA-PG-E02.3 DomePak Smoked Env Gray Pendant Color 2.3mm


DF5 DomePaks combine a fixed-mount dome enclosure, compact high-resolution camera, and fixed or varifocal lens in an easy-to-order, easy-to-install package.

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PELCO DF5CA-PG-E02.3 DomePak Pendant

The PELCO DF5CA-PG-E02.3 DomePak Pendant is an ideal surveillance solution for outdoor applications. This robust and durable pendant is constructed using smoked environmental gray color 2.3mm and features excellent coverage, making it perfect for outdoor surveillance. Its sleek design allows for unobtrusive monitoring and its weatherproof construction ensures reliable performance in a variety of conditions.


  • Smoked environmental gray color 2.3mm construction
  • Excellent coverage
  • Sleek design for unobtrusive monitoring
  • Weatherproof construction

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