Dotworkz KT-AXPA Power & Audio Harness Kit for Axis P55 & Q60 Indoor Cameras


    • Ability to easily add Microphone monitoring & recording via mic jack
    • Use with KT-MIC; sold separately, for Audio Monitoring & Recording
    • Eliminates limitations of PoE only powering
    • For Indoor Axis P55 & Q60 model camera Series compatible
    • Low Cost


Dotworkz Power & Audio Harness Kit

The Dotworkz KT-AXPA Power & Audio Harness Kit is the perfect solution for powering and delivering audio for Axis P55 and Q60 Indoor Cameras. This kit includes a power injector that connects to your camera and power supply, as well as an audio harness for delivering audio from the camera to an audio device.


  • Power injector for connecting camera and power supply
  • Audio harness for connecting camera to audio device
  • Compatible with Axis P55 and Q60 Indoor Cameras

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