Ganz D-1X-24TB Network Video Recorder, 24TB     


    • Advanced Intel Xeon 10 Core / 20 thread processor & chipset optimized for HD video
    • Internal HDD configurations from 12TB to 48TB
    • Matrox G200eW3 16MB video adapter with VGA output
    • 16GB of RDIMM 2666MT/s memory
    • iDRAC9 Express
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Ganz D-1X 24TB Network Video Recorder

This powerful Network Video Recorder from Ganz is the ideal solution for security and surveillance needs. Featuring 24TB of storage, this recorder allows for recording and playback of high-resolution video footage from multiple cameras. The recorder also offers advanced features such as motion detection, alarm inputs, and remote access via web browser.


  • 24TB storage capacity
  • Records and plays back high-resolution video
  • Motion detection, alarm inputs, and remote access
  • Web browser access

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Weight 14 lbs