Ganz EG3Z0409KCS-MPWIR 1/1.8″ F0.9, P-Iris, 4K, CS-mount, 4-10mm Varifocal Lens


    • 1/1.8″ F0.9, P-Iris, 4K
    • CS-mount
    • 4-10mm Varifocal Lens
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Ganz 4-10mm Varifocal Lens

This Ganz varifocal lens is a 1/1.8″ F0.9, P-Iris, 4K, CS-mount lens. It provides excellent image quality with a 4-10mm focal range that allows for adjustments to be made to the field-of-view. This lens is perfect for any security camera system that requires a wide range of focal lengths and high-resolution images.


  • 1/1.8″ F0.9, P-Iris, 4K, CS-mount
  • 4-10mm Varifocal Lens
  • High-resolution images
  • Adjustable field-of-view

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