Ganz PS-411A 4 Output Power Supply , 100Va


    • Outputs for 4 Cameras 4-8 Amps supply current)
    • Individually-fused 24VAC outputs
    • Surge-protected outputs
    • AC Power LED indicator with Power On/Off switch
    • Units maintain camera synchronization
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Ganz 4 Output Power Supply, 100Va

This Ganz 4 Output Power Supply is a great choice for your power supply needs. With a 100Va output and 4 outputs, this power supply is built to provide reliable power to a variety of devices. It features low ripple and low noise, making it a great choice for powering sensitive electronics.


  • 100Va Output
  • 4 Outputs
  • Low Ripple, Low Noise
  • Reliable Power for Sensitive Electronics

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