Ganz T21Z5816PDC-CS F1.8 21X, A/I DC Type with Preset, 5.8-121mm Varifocal Lens


    • F1.8 21X, A/I DC Type with Preset
    • 5.8-121mm Varifocal Lens
    • CS Mount
    • Auto DC Iris
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Ganz 5.8-121mm Varifocal Lens

The Ganz Varifocal Lens offers a wide variety of features for optimizing and monitoring security camera footage. This 5.8-121mm lens with F1.8 and 21X zoom allows for a wide variety of applications, including security camera installations, surveillance operations and more. The A/I DC Type with Preset gives users the ability to preset the lens to a specific position, ensuring the best results.


  • 5.8-121mm Varifocal Lens
  • F1.8 and 21X zoom
  • A/I DC Type with Preset
  • Ideal for security camera installations and surveillance operations

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