Ganz T6Z5710MSP-CS F1.0 6X, 3 Motors, Spot & Preset, 5.7-34.2mm Varifocal Lens


    • F1.0 6X, 3 Motors, Spot & Preset
    • 5.7-34.2mm Varifocal Lens
    • CS Mount
    • Motorized Iris
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Ganz 6X Varifocal Lens

This Ganz T6Z5710MSP-CS F1.0 6X Varifocal Lens is a professional-grade security solution perfect for indoor and outdoor surveillance applications. It features 3 Motors, Spot & Preset, and a 5.7-34.2mm Varifocal Lens. This lens offers superior image clarity and coverage and is an excellent choice for any surveillance system.


  • 3 Motors
  • Spot & Preset
  • Varifocal 5.7-34.2mm Lens
  • Superior Image Clarity and Coverage

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Weight 1.03 lbs