Ganz V1624-MPZ 1″ F2.4 C Mount Megapixel Lens, 16mm


    • For Machine Vision Applications
    • 16mm Fixed Lens
    • Compatible with up 20 Megapixel Cameras
    • C Mount
    • Shorter Working Distance
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Ganz 16mm Megapixel Lens

The Ganz 16mm Megapixel Lens is the perfect addition to any security camera system. This 1″ F2.4 C Mount lens provides superior image clarity and sharpness. With a wide angle of view, this lens is ideal for capturing large areas in the highest quality.


  • 1″ F2.4 C Mount
  • 16mm focal length
  • Megapixel lens
  • Wide angle of view
  • Superior image clarity and sharpness

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