Ganz ZN1A-MSL-80 8mm Lens Module


    • 8mm Lens
    • F2.0 Aperture
    • 39° x 22° Angle of View
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Ganz 8mm Lens Module

The Ganz 8mm Lens Module is a great choice for any professional video or photography application. It is designed to provide a wide-angle view, with a focal length of 8mm and a maximum aperture of f/1.6. The lens features an integrated stepper motor for focusing and zoom control, as well as a manual focus override. This module is also compatible with the ZN1A-MSL-80 camera.


  • 8mm focal length
  • f/1.6 maximum aperture
  • Integrated stepper motor for focus and zoom control
  • Manual focus override
  • Compatible with ZN1A-MSL-80 camera

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