Samsung WRR-P-S202L-64TB 2U Wisenet WAVE NVR with 4 Professional Licenses, 64TB


    • Preloaded and configured with Wisenet WAVE video management system
    • 470 Mbps of recording throughput
    • Pre-configured for RAID 6
    • Up to 144TB of Raw Storage
    • Supports RAID0, 1, 5, 6, 10 configurations
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Samsung Wisenet WAVE NVR

The Samsung Wisenet WAVE NVR is a powerful network video recorder (NVR) designed for high performance, scalability and robust security. This 2U NVR comes with 4 Professional Licenses and a storage capacity of 64TB, allowing you to monitor and record up to 128 cameras at once.


  • 2U form factor
  • 4 Professional Licenses
  • 64TB storage capacity
  • Monitor and record up to 128 cameras at once
  • High performance, scalability and robust security

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