Bosch MIS8C Commercial Sound Paging Projectors


    • Driver uses a rugged phenolic diaphragm, a 0.75- inch voice coil and component parts proven reliable under stressful conditions
    • Molded from rugged polycarbonate and the inner reflector from ABS
    • Weatherproof construction the MIS8C may be used both indoors and outdoors
    • Designed for low-impedance systems, this compact horn has outstanding speech intelligibility and high efficiency
    • Directional characteristics of the MIS8C were measured by running a set of polar responses in University’s large anechoic chamber
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Bosch MIS8C Commercial Sound Paging Projectors

The Bosch MIS8C Commercial Sound Paging Projectors are perfect for any business or industrial environment. With its powerful 8″ coaxial speaker, these projectors provide superior audio clarity, making it ideal for large-scale sound paging. The MIS8C is equipped with a dynamic equalizer and adjustable volume control, allowing you to easily adjust the sound to your desired level. This projector also offers a wide range of mounting flexibility, allowing you to install it virtually anywhere.


  • 8″ coaxial speaker for superior audio clarity
  • Dynamic equalizer for adjustable sound
  • Adjustable volume control for easy adjustment
  • Wide range of mounting flexibility

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Weight 2.4 lbs