State of the Art Premium Digital Recording/Color System



This State of the Art Premium Digital Recording/Color System includes: 1-Dedicated Micros D2 9 Channel-80GB Digital Recorder 8- Everfocus EX300 Color-High Resolution Camera 8- Camera Mounts 8-4MM or 8MM AUTO Iris or MANUAL Iris Lenses 8- 100 FT Video Coaxial Cables with BNC Connectors 1- Dedicated Micros Software Kit. 8- Environmemtal Eh3513 Housings/Mounts *OPTIONAL* 8- 24VAC Power Supplies Built in mulitplexing, remote monitoring, digital recording,and motion detection in one easy to set up and operate system. Image quality is superior. WHY DEDICATED MICROS?? The digital 9 Channel multiplex recorder is a Dedicated Micros colour Digital Sprite Lite. The digital multiplex recorder allows for two hard disk drives to be installed internally. Allowing up to one month worth of storage without additional equipment. This exciting new unit has the capability to send live or prerecorded video thru the internet . > Why Go Digital Instant play at the touch of a button NO need to buy a VCR and tapes NO waiting for rewind and fast forward NOW additional control points without a matrix – view live and recorded video on a networked PC AND Digital Sprite Lite never stops recording Activity Detection igital Sprite Lite has individually progammable activity grids for each camera. Each activity grid has a 128 (16 x 8) cell matrix with five sensitivity levels. Activity detection can be configured to record cameras more often, display active cameras in full screen, close a relay and log the activity as an event. Hidden cameras Cameras can be removed from the monitor display. Their images are still recorded but are not visible on the main or spot monitor, even during playback. More Features Control of the Pelco Pan Tilt ( Teletromy) Spectradome is possible at remote locations with this product. Other DOME types include: DVCL Orbiter Microsphere, VCL/Ademco Jupiter Microsphere, the Ultrak UltraDome KD6, Aritech/Kalatel Cyberdome, Dennard 2050, Panasonic (WVCS850A) and Sensormatic. Control of other manufacturers domes possible using a BBV RX-100 protocol converter. Multitasking Operation Recording is never interrupted, no matter what feature is being used. Fast image retrieval Images are stored onto internal hard disks for near instant image retrieval, removing the need to forward and rewind tapes. Event log with ‘Active Thumbnail’ view All internally stored events are logged by time, date, event type and camera number. Selecting any of these events displays a preview window which plays back the whole event in a loop. Adjustable image quality Image quality can be adjusted by the user to provide performance equivalent to VHS, S-VHS and better than S-VHS. Zero image degradation Images stored on the hard disk can be replayed repeatedly without affecting the quality. One box recording solution Everything required to record and playback images from the disk is included in one unit. External tape and disk archiving is optional. Amount Of Information Larger amounts of information can be recorded to disk. This depends on three factors: The image quality (the file size of each individual picture) Image size can be adjusted to give VHS and S-VHS equivalent, and better than S-VHS quality. Record rate (pictures per second) The timelapse record rate sets the actual number of pictures recorded in any given time. This can be anything between 1 and 50 (PAL) or 60 NTSC. Hard disk capacity 80GB hard disk capacities, up to 999 hours of recording. DEDICATED MICROS 9 Channel 40, 80, 160, or 320 GB Digtial Recorder Sprite9 DSL DX9C

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