GE SECURITY S707VT-ESTL MM – 4-CH Video, Digitally Processed, Tx, Can


The S707V fiber links represent a technological breakthrough in the simultaneous transmission of four full-frame, real-time video signals (color or monochrome) over one multimode fiber.

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The General Electric S707VT-ESTL 4-Channel Fiber Optic Video Transmitter (Standalone) can simultaneously transmit 4 full-frame, real-time video signals over a multimode fiber. It can accept analog baseband inputs and convert them to digital format for transmission, ensuring enhanced quality video output. Featuring 6.2 MHz video bandwidth and greater than 55 dB video SNR, the S707V 4-channel video system can transmit clear and high-quality images at a resolution up to 500 TVL over a distance of 2.5 miles (4.0 km). In addition, it supports all major video formats. Optical Automatic Gain Control (OAGC) helps compensate for loss in signal strength. SMARTS diagnostic technology includes system status LEDs and a built-in video test pattern generator for system setup. The onscreen diagnostics indicate an inactive video channel or insufficient optical power for each output. The transmitter comes in a standalone configuration, offers solid-state short circuit protection, and has a polycarbonate body.


  • One-way transmission of four video channels over one fiber
  • Digital multiplexing technology
  • 8-10-bit video processing depending on channels used
  • 500 TV lines resolution
  • Video SNR >55 dB
  • 6.2 MHz video bandwidth
  • Built-in test pattern generator and On-Screen Diagnostics (OSD)
  • 13 dB optical budget
  • Supports all major video formats
  • Optical AGC

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