GE Security S711D-EST2 MM MPD Data Hi-Performance TCVR, 2-Fiber


The S711D data transceiver provides two-way transmission of multiprotocol data over one or two multimode fibers.

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The S711D-EST2 is a high-performance data transceiver from Interlogix that is ideal for delivering powerful 2-way multi-protocol data transmission over 2 multimode fibers. The S711D-EST2 data transceiver comes with standalone/rack configurations, SMARTS diagnostics, a unique data translation function, and an optical 13dB budget. The S711D-EST2 data transceiver also features a compact size and is ideal for use in long-term applications


  • Two-way data transmission over two multimode fibers
  • Supports multiprotocol data formats including RS-232, TTL, RS-422, RS-485, Manchester, Biphase, and SensorNet
  • Unique data translation function
  • User-configurable data format
  • 18 dB optical budget
  • Optical AGC
  • 13 dB optical budget
  • SMARTS diagnostics
  • Standalone or rack configurations

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